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Portable Pipe Cutting Machine

PT -11 B is Stainless Steel pipe gas cutter is small pipe cutter, the development of which is based on investigation of actual cases. It has good performance to cut various pipes and groove cut. The machine adopts motor shift driving, which has many merits, such as high precision and smooth. It uses chains to lock pipe and you can increase or decrease chain according to the diameter of pipe. The machine is made of A-alloy. It has impacted structure, light weight and can cut continuously.


  • The main body is made of aluminium alloy, light and portable.
  • A plasma cutter should be sued for stainless steel cutting
  • It is driven by motor of shift gears
  • It has high cutting quality and stability of movement
  • Chain belt is used for lock of pipe and cutter, flexible and convenient in operation
  • Chain belt can be adjusted as per diameter of pipe
  • Bevel angle: I.Y.V (45°)